Business Strategy

Turning a small business into a big one is not easy and statistics are rather grim. Research suggests that only one-tenth of  one percent of companies will ever reach $250 million in annual revenues. RoyalKinetic helps small-to-mid market firms develop a solid growth strategy and we help large businesses to manage their infrastructure in pursuit of operational excellence.

Capture Planning

Knowing the importance of capture planning and capture management is paramount to achieving a higher number of winning proposals. RoyalKinetic provides capture management, planning, and strategy with the overall goal of helping companies pursue, position, and win more federal, local, and state contracts.

Proposal Development

We can help you get serious about your proposal response win rate by leveraging our technical and functional subject matter experts’ in the area of: full lifecycle proposal management, writing and editing, color team proposal cycle reviews, proposal graphics, and quality checks to ensure proposals submitted are compliant and compelling.

Contract Management Support

Let our seasoned contract management professionals assist with your contract administration needs in an onsite or offsite capacity.

Branding/Marketing Support

Has your organization downsized its marketing department? If so, we can help. From writing your business plans, ghostwriting blogs or news articles.

Our Team

Amy Canales

Chief Executive Officer

Amy is the creative genius behind the RoyalKinetic brand. As a former government contracting officer, procurement subject matter expert, and business strategist, she has the technical skill, solid leadership, and personal motivation to help us navigate through the murkiest of waters. She has deep roots in government contracts and solid professional networks within the acquisition community. Engaging, energetic, and informative— one conversation with her and you’ll quickly see why her clients are so fond of her.



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